Pope Francis hesitates to travel to Ukraine

Pope Francis hesitates to travel to Ukraine

Confronting the press, the Pope, upon his return from Malta, showed that he is also following up on his relations with Russia.

On his return from Malta, on the evening of Sunday 3 April, Pope Francis granted a fifteen-minute press conference to the journalists who accompanied him, but did not confirm that a trip to Kyiv was imminent: “The project is on the table, it’s one of the proposals that we have but I don’t know if it can be done, if it is useful to do it, if its implementation will help improve the situation. Or, if it is convenient for me to take this trip and should already go. All of these issues are under consideration“.

On the other hand, the Pope confirmed that his plan to meet with the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow Kirill is still in progress.In preparation“And it can unfold”In the Middle EastImportant information when many thought this project had now been hacked. The two men had previously met in Cuba in February 2016.

When asked about his relationship with Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis explained: “I got…

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