Political parties welcomed the army’s takeover of Kidal

Political parties welcomed the army’s takeover of Kidal

Following the capture of Kidal by the Malian army and its Russian proxies under the command of Wagner on Tuesday 14 November, and the withdrawal of rebel fighters from the CSP (Permanent Strategic Framework), political parties are reacting. The vast majority of them rejoice in this military success and are now demanding national reconciliation.

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The restoration of Kidal symbolizes the restoration of Mali’s sovereignty over its entire territory », Yahya Adema. The oldest party in the country Urges “Even the authorities” continue their operations ” And ” – Unconditionally disarm all non-governmental entities in Mali. »

Sumana Sako CNAS-Faso here it is” comfortable ” by “ Victorious entry “The army in Kidal is considered to be rebels” The Coordination of Azawad Movements and its jihadist allies bear full responsibility for the bloodshed. »

RPM, the party of the late former president IBK,” Congratulates the military authorities ” And ” It encourages the transitional authorities to increase investment in the return of administration and basic social services, as well as refugees and displaced persons. ” round per minute ” He remains convinced that only dialogue and national reconciliation exist » « It can create the conditions for ending the crisis once and for all. »

ARP by Timane Hubert Coulibaly” Congratulation » Malian forces call on the rebels to… Lay down your weapons and prefer dialogue. »

May this occasion mark the beginning of lasting peace and reconciliation “, Parina Tepeli Drama wishes, which” The transitional government is requested to work on the return of refugees and renew dialogue with the relevant authorities. »

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As of Wednesday evening, Yelima’s Musa Mara, PSDA’s Ismael Sakho (resumption February 9) and Kudim’s Hosseini Amioun Guindo had reacted to the Kidal takeover.

We are all happy today in Mali. We congratulate the transitional authorities and the armed forces. We ask them to continue. Each of us must do our part. Together we will work to stabilize our country, and put the country on the path to prosperity, solidarity and a lasting exit from the crisis.

Reactions of the political class after the Malian army’s takeover of Kidal

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– A curfew throughout the region for a period of 30 days, subject to renewal

The Malian army and its allies from the Wagner Group now control the airport and military camps in Kidal, and their armored vehicles patrol the neighbourhoods. In an official letter dated the evening of Tuesday, November 14, the Director General of the National Police summoned the police for the upcoming deployment.

Today, the governor of Kidal announced a curfew throughout the region, starting this evening, Wednesday, from eight in the evening until six in the morning, for a period of 30 days, subject to renewal.

According to our information, the CSP rebels are located about sixty kilometers away, not far from the road leading to Algeria. They say it is a tactical withdrawal after days of fighting to try to stop the advance of the Malian armed forces. The rebellion vowed that its “struggle will continue.”

Kidal’s recovery was celebrated in several cities across the country, including Kati, where a crowd of people gathered in the evening in front of the residence of Colonel Sadio Camara, the current Defense Minister.

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This victory raises questions about any attempt to implement the Algiers Peace Agreement signed in 2015, which stipulated the division of Mali while granting semi-autonomy to Kidal.

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