Polisario lost a second officer wounded during the bombing of the Royal Army

Polisario lost a second officer wounded during the bombing of the Royal Army

After the commander of the gendarmerie, Dhah al-Bendir, the Polisario had just lost Najm Ould Diaa, one of its top officers. A security source said in statements to Yabiladi website that he was among the elements that had planned to prepare for a sabotage operation on Wednesday, April 7, targeting a site of the Royal Armed Forces, east of the security fence.

The air raid of the Royal Russian Army immediately caused one death Dah El BendirThe commander of the “gendarmerie” corps in the Polisario, while other members of the mission were injured, including Ould Diaa. He died of his serious wounds in a hospital in Algeria, where it was urgently evacuated, ”the same source explains.

This loss is a new setback for the Ibrahim Ghaly movement, which continues to broadcast daily press releases announcing its victories. The last one, dated April 11 and bears the number 151, reports firing against six RAF positions. The propaganda that has struggled to stand the test of time and the silence of Morocco, MINURSO and the United Nations can be concerned about the situation on the ground.

Moreover, after a few days of silence, the Polisario finally recognized the death of Dah Al-Bender. Signed confirmation by Mustafa Bashir Sayed in an interview with the Algerian daily El Khabar, including Excerpts Captured by SPS. Ibrahim Ghaly’s advisor promised revenge for the death of Al-Bendir.

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