Police say a body has been found and two people are still missing

Police say a body has been found and two people are still missing

Swiss police announced that on Sunday, June 23, the body of a person missing as a result of torrential floods that struck northeastern Switzerland was found, while operations continue to find two other people.

Thunderstorms and very heavy rain caused flooding and landslides on Friday evening in the Missolsina Valley, a mountainous Italian-speaking region in the canton of Graubünden. The village of Surat was particularly affected, with many homes and vehicles swept away, devastating the landscape.

“Not long ago we found a body.”This was stated by Chief of Operations, William Clouter, of the Graubünden Cantonal Police, during a press conference held in a nearby village. He added that it was a man, noting that the water carried the body for more than eight kilometers. One of the four missing people was found alive, but injured, in the rockslides on Saturday morning and was taken to a Lugano hospital.

Cut several ways

After stopping overnight, search operations resumed on Sunday, in the hope of finding the two other people still missing. But over time, “The probability of finding them alive is low.”Mr. Cloutier admitted.

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, an Italian speaker, also participated in the press conference. “Today is a sad day (…) That is why I am here to express the solidarity of the Federal Council [gouvernement] In this difficult moment »He said. “I'm thinking especially of those waiting for news.” He added that people are still missing.

Due to bad weather conditions, several roads and part of the highway were closed. The minister confirmed that the authorities are doing what is necessary for this “Restore north-south traffic as quickly as possible.” Because these ways “Especially popular in summer” By vacationers.

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