Police raid on dog's birthday

Police raid on dog’s birthday

Puppy He caused trouble to his masters before
dew, after police raided a party organized in his honor, in violation of Covid-19 restrictions. The lavish party, which was held to mark the pup’s second birthday, cost 700,000 rupees (about $8,300), according to the British newspaper The Guardian.
police, with a sophisticated birthday cake and giant photos of Dad, an Indian Spitz, the evening’s guest of honor.

Pictures, which spread on social media, of a crowd of people dancing in front of a decorated platform during the party held on Friday in the city of Ahmedabad (west) despite health regulations, caught the attention of the police.

Party’s over

Police Inspector F.D. According to the Covid protocol, it is necessary to request permission before organizing the party. The organizers are responsible for ensuring social distancing between guests. “

Three men were arrested for organizing the event, before being released on bail. India recorded more than 140,000 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, nearly six times more than the previous week, in a wave linked to a highly contagious type of coronavirus. Omicron.

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