Police disperse a new march of pro-Palestine students

Police disperse a new march of pro-Palestine students

Tandis that students Sciences Po Paris They were taking their exams, and the police expelled them on Monday afternoon Pro-Palestine activists Who set up tents. According to the police headquarters, “80 people settled on the public highway in front of Sciences Po Paris, and the police intervened at the request of the governor,” and “all people were evacuated safely.” A student at the Institute of Political Science and a member of the Palestine Committee, who preferred not to reveal her name, spoke to Agence France-Presse about a “peaceful gathering that lasted two hours,” before “the police intervened” to evacuate the demonstrators and three tents.

This morning, about twenty students gathered in front of the institution, without obstructing access to the building, chanting “Israel is a killer, partner of political science” or “Palestine will live, Palestine will win,” before they lay down on the sidewalk. The administration told AFP that the exams took place normally.

Other institutions are blocked

In Reims, “there was a blockage in Sciences Po, and it was not possible to take exams for 500 first-year students (out of a total of about 1,000 students),” and the Sciences Po administration indicated that exams would have to be rescheduled. In Strasbourg, the building housing the School of Journalism (CUEJ) was closed by students who denounced the “media treatment” of the gas situation. […] read more

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