Polar Vantage V2 review: The best of Polar on the wrist

Polar Vantage V2 review: The best of Polar on the wrist

Vantage V2 has a large number of sensors. In addition to a traditional heart rate monitor and GPS, we specify a compass, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter as well as a pulse oximeter. A device intended for collecting data, but unfortunately it turned out to be lukewarm.

Initially, GPS sometimes suffers from unfortunate wanderings. If they are generally very accurate, they sometimes, over a hundred meters, display an inconsistent layout and add a few meters to the real performance. Not enough to make calculating distances unrealistic, but enough to frustrate.

For its part, the heart rate monitor, on the contrary, provides a near-perfect follow-up. Whatever the type of effort involved, Vantage V2 manages to faithfully reproduce the evolution of the heart rate. Thus, against the Polar H10 chest strap that serves as our reference, the manufacturer’s watch delivers very similar results, although slightly less subtle on small differences, resulting in a slight smoothing of the curve. The only measuring piece, it wanders through the first five minutes of the walk. A problem that can be easily solved along the length.

In blue, the heart rate recorded by the Polar Vantage V2. In yellow, noted for the Polar H10 chest strap used as a reference.

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