Pokémon Go re-adjusts to The Next World where you can walk the streets once again

Pokémon Go re-adjusts to The Next World where you can walk the streets once again

Niantic Labs has detailed its plans for a return to normal for Pokémon Go, which will be significantly modified in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He could have condemned the coronavirus pandemic Pokemon Go, a mobile game that usually requires players to leave their homes to progress. But the developers have managed to adapt to the healthy context, with several updates to make the experience more stable. With the overall situation improving, Niantic Labs announced that Pokemon Go (Which despite everything happened a record year 2020 according to numbers sensor tower) will develop again with almost return to normal.

« While we can gradually move out of our homes, these changes are believed to bring back the Pokémon Go philosophy, which centers around real-world exploration. », announces Niantic Labs in the format Press release published on June 21. The developments will be presented first to US and New Zealand users, given that the company intends to adapt to the situation in each country. ” We know that every context is different ‘, set.

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Back to normal for Pokémon Go

Niantic Labs outlines a three-pronged project related to Pokemon Go Tomorrow, which will look more like yesterday. So it includes: new rewards for exploring the outside world, retaining some integrated features during the coronavirus pandemic, and unlocking many rewards that allowed fans to continue playing while staying at home. It’s clear that Niantic Labs learned a lot from these tough months for everyone.

As of July, Pokemon Go It will ensure better efficiency of the incense for those who will move (incense is used to attract creatures towards oneself). Nomads will also receive rewards by stopping at PokéStops (including an experience boost).

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Many game elements will return to “normal”:

  • Pokemon will be more attracted to mobile people;
  • Comrades will provide fewer items;
  • The interaction distance within PokéStops and Gyms will be reduced.

On the other hand, Niantic Labs continues to pursue raids: “ Long-range raids have been a huge part of the game over the past year and we continue to develop them. Our goal is to find the right balance between distance play and physical play. »

What will not change? Duration of incense use (60 minutes), number of gifts that can be carried (20), number of gifts that can be unlocked (30), or even hitting three from the number of experience points and stardust after the first daily capture.

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