Pokémon Go players are disappointed by this shiny, colorless finish

Pokémon Go players are disappointed by this shiny, colorless finish

Gaston Cooney

The recent Pokémon Go event put the Pokémon in the spotlight, and Pokémon Go fans were unanimous in calling the shiny version of the creature a huge disappointment.

Most Pokemon fans will agree that shiny Pokemon are adorable. It's a rare version of these little creatures, with different colors and little stars that sparkle when thrown into battle. Yes, they are really cool.

Unfortunately, just like the main range of Pokémon, some shiny versions are better than others – especially with some looking eerily similar to the original color. Gengar Shaini, why are you like this?

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Well, many Pokémon Go fans are coming together to criticize the shiny version of a certain Pokémon, especially since it is an evolution of a Pokémon with a great shine. Additionally, Pokémon Go's recent Christmas event highlighted the creature with a brand new costume.

Pokémon Go fans are disappointed by Akwakwak's flashy costume

Reddit user Razno shared his sadness on the platform, after catching a shiny Psyduck wearing a Christmas hat during Pokémon Go's Christmas event.

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While the shiny Psyduck has a fun blue color that's quite different from his usual yellow appearance, the shiny Akwakwak is unfortunately a similar shade of blue to the original design. This is made all the more frustrating by its English name, Golduck, which is a missed opportunity to make the color bright gold or yellow.

Fans supported the original post in the comments, with one person adding: “Which is exactly the reason why I didn't evolve my Shiny Psyduck.” And another comment says: “I wish it was yellow, or, you know, Golduck.”

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Other comments shared tips for any aspiring angler, with one person contributing: “You should check the shine before evolving, I learned that the hard way too.” Then another comment expands on this and says: “I wouldn't develop a shiny Ponyta for the same reason.”

There are a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to shiny Pokemon and their designs, although in the case of many new Pokemon, there is a logic to the choice.

Charcadet, Armarauge, and Ceruledge have all drawn the wrath of Pokémon fans with their minor changes. Only the Pokemon's eye color changes, and that's because the Pokemon is inside the armor, so that's the only item that can change.

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However, Psyduck is adorable, shiny, blue, and a big change from the original. If you're lucky enough to find a shiny Sidewalk Duck with a cute new Christmas hat, you might as well leave it as a Sidewalk Duck.

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