Pokémon Go players are demanding a gift overhaul

Pokémon Go players are demanding a gift overhaul

Estelle Vernet

Pokémon Go players are calling on Niantic to implement big changes to the way gifts work on mobile.

Although Pokémon Go can be played solo, many activities are much easier with other players.

The mobile title has several friend-focused features, such as a new multiplayer or gift-giving feature.

While many Pokémon Go players enjoy the ability to give gifts, some in the community are calling on developer Niantic to make changes.

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Pokémon Go fans are calling for major changes to the gift-giving mechanism

share on Pokemon go subreddit Titled ” Niantic, let me give this to friends, please “, sparked a great discussion within the community.

The original poster attached a screenshot of the post. You can see different items from his inventory such as rare candies, pure gems, and puffins.

He explained below the screenshot: “ I’ve gotten to the point where I want to stop playing because I no longer have any more space. I’m not a hoarder, but I do a lot of raiding “.

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In fact, Trainers can receive gifts from PokéStops and send them to their friends. If a Trainer receives a gift from a friend, they can open it to receive a random assortment of items.

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Unfortunately, trainers cannot decide which items they will receive. Likewise, they cannot send items from their inventory as gifts to their friends.

Many fans agreed in the comments that this would be a very useful feature to implement. ” Yes ! My husband told me he had 11 Sinnoh stones and I wanted him to give me half “, said the coach.

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Unfortunately, many trainers have claimed that it would be difficult to balance a feature like this given how Pokémon Go works. Unfortunately, I understand why they don’t allow it. People with multiple accounts will abuse it horribly “, one of the players pointed out.

Although it would be very useful to be able to clear your inventory a bit and share it with friends, Niantic will definitely find a way to balance it all out. For now, the advantage of flexible gift-giving like this still seems a long way off.

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