Pokémon Crimson Violet: This is a trap you've already fallen into once!

Pokémon Crimson Violet: This is a trap you’ve already fallen into once!

The lands of Paldea are full of Pokemon and not all of them behave the same way. Some move alone, hide, swim or even move in flocks and it is very easy to create very complex situations by wandering the vast lands of Pokémon scarlet and purple.

Taurus herds

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet saw it Taurus from Paldea, This new version of the old generation Pokémon exists in three forms and is therefore sought after by players who want to collect everything.

If you’re looking to get your hands on all the Tauros de Paldea, I invite you to refer to our guide dedicated to the topic to learn all about these tiny tippets.

The problem with these Pokemon is that they don’t They only move in large groups. So far, no real problem, you say, and you’d be right if they didn’t have the same speed as a fighter jet and weren’t as aggressive.

In fact, Taurus is part of the Pokémons that you will take aggro whether you like it or not once near them enough. Then there are two scenarios against the herd of angry monsters: to run away where Start a crusade against the whole group as this post well shows by u/Lunar_Kat94.

Taurus herds, huge appearances and bright Taurus

If you are looking for a collection Bright You certainly know Huge appearances. Perfect for trying your luck at color roulette, however, you can find yourself in the midst of a horde of bulls whose only goal is to trap you in a 30-minute duel.

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The worst thing about this situation is that you won’t even be able to use the feature “straight ahead” In this type of situation because of the sheer speed of these Pokémon.

All of this makes hunting Tauros and other Pokémon of this type relatively complicated or at least guarantees that you will end up in situations funny enough to mention.

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