"Pokemon" card sold for about 12,000 euros in Troy

“Pokemon” card sold for about 12,000 euros in Troy

Pokemon cards (illustration). – Manuel Palci Cinita / AP / SIPA

It’s card madness Pokemon, among the card sold
225.000 Euro On eBay, register an offer
Mesho And now the ticket was auctioned for about 12,000 euros on Tuesday in Troyes. In fact, the organizer said, a total of 85,000 euros was spent on cards Pokemon And the Charm, which is a record for this type of auction in France.

Seller Maxime L., 33, has been collecting Magic and Pokémon cards since he was 11, according to information from Ivoire Troyes Auctions. He also plays with these cards which today constitute a real investment throughout Europe. With a total of €85,000 for 100% of the 94 lots sold, this auction of Pokémon and Magic cards from an individual achieved the best results ever obtained at an auction in France. Ivoire welcomed Troyes. Charizard, the 2,500 Pokémon token card /3000 euros, I found a taker at 11,904 euros.”

One of the most profitable licenses in the world

On June 11, the first auction dedicated exclusively to Pokemon cards in France was held at the Drouot Hotel, in Paris. The focus of the sale then was another Charizard card, almost new and a first copy, valued at between 10,000 and 12,000 euros, but it sold “only” 7,800 euros.

Twenty-five years after its debut, the Pokémon saga created by the Japanese giant Nintendo continues to attract young and old and is one of the most profitable licenses in the world.

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