Pokeclicker Code: Get all rewards for free in May 2022

Pokeclicker Code: Get all rewards for free in May 2022

A new addiction phenomenon for the moment, BOOK KLICKER It is an open source (unofficial) browser game that lets you explore most areas of the Pokémon world and capture pocket monsters with just a tap on your screen. Of course, it’s packed with more complex features like a berry system, hatching, arenas, weather, dungeons, and more. To help you in your quest, Developers have hidden codes on wiki game. We invite you to explore and research it on your own, but if you are impatient, you will find it below.

Pokeclicker: List of active gift codes for May 2022

Here is a list of gift codes that you can use on Pokéclicker to get free rewards:

  • FARMINGBOOST – 10,000 farm points and 100 cherries (Bay Series)
  • OOOSHINY You will get a random shiny Pokemon. Feel free to let us know in the comments you got!

We will of course update this list as soon as new icons become available, so feel free to bookmark the page in order to come back to it regularly. Last update: May 17, 2022.

Noticeable : Farm points are points required to use the in-game farm that you will unlock on Route 14. You can also grow berries.


Pokeclicker: How to enter a free gift code?

Now that you know the codes, you should be able to enter them somewhere. Don’t panic:

  1. Play Pokéclicker on the browser,
  2. Click on the Start Menu at the top right of your screen,
  3. Then select the “Save” option.
  4. You will see a text selection bar with “Enter Code” to enter a code,
  5. Type the code in the appropriate box and then verify it is correct by clicking on “CLAIM”.

Your loot is automatically added to your inventory (for berries), to your stats bar (for farm points) and to your team (for shine). To access the inventory, click again on the “Start Menu” at the top right, then on “Items”.

The new Pokémon phenomenon right now, Pokeclicker is a clicker game, as its name suggests, in which you have to capture the entire Pokédex and explore the Kanto region, for starters, on your browser. Here’s how to deal with it.

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