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Plot and cast of the anthology series

SolosCreated by David Weil, this is a new Amazon Original anthology series that explores what it means to be human. Seven episodes, ranging from 21 to 35 minutes in length, all break apart to tell as many everyday stories as possible. After debuting in May in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India and New Zealand, the series has also made its way to Italy. Sam Taylor-Johnson is the director and executive producer of two episodes. Other directors include Zach Braff and Tiffany Johnson. David Weil and Laura Lancaster as executive producers and Pixie Wespiser as producer. Weil makes his directorial debut, directing three episodes. Solos are available On Prime Video starting June 25.

Solos: The Plot of the Amazon Anthology Series

Set in our present and future, the anthology series reflects what it means to be human, arguing that we are connected to others through shared experiences, even in our most isolated moments. Each character will go on an exciting adventure into an uncertain future and will think that even during moments of solitude and in the most desperate of circumstances, we are all connected by human experience.

Solos on Prime Video: Actors & Characters

I’m an Oscar show Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway and Helen Mirren Lead a team of stars. Freeman plays Stewart, an Alzheimer’s patient (the actor is also the narrator of each episode); Anne Hathaway is Leah, an accomplished scientist who discovered the possibility of time travel. Helen Mirren is Paige, an elderly woman who joins a space program. Also in the cast: Uzo Aduba She is Sasha, a lonely woman who used to live as a hermit and finds it hard to get back to normal after the pandemic ends; Nicole Behari Nira, a pregnant woman giving birth during a blizzard; Anthony Mackie as Tom, a businessman who splits up and buys a copy; Dan Stevens It’s Otto, the controversial character who has been shown to be linked to Stewart; he is Constance Wu Like Jenny, a self-destructing woman spins her story inside the waiting room.

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