Players are demanding an overhaul of Galar Birds in Pokémon Go

Players are demanding an overhaul of Galar Birds in Pokémon Go

Gaston Cooney

Pokémon Go players are calling on Niantic to make big changes to their Galar Birds, with many reporting that they haven't seen one in years.

With so many Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Go, it can be easy to miss a few during your adventures. Now, some players are reporting some elusive Pocket Monsters that never seem to appear, and when you finally do manage to find one, the chances of it being added to your Pokédex are very slim.

Needless to say, fans have had enough.

“Gallary birds must be hard to find or hard to catch, but not both.” Share a user on Pokemon go reddit. Ultimately, the Galar birds – Galar Articuno, Galar Zapdos, and Galar Moltres – can be very difficult to find and even harder to catch, making them a somewhat fortunate but also very frustrating experience.

Then the blog writer added: “They currently appear as extremely rare eggs with the Daily Incense, which I think is a good way to find them but their catch rate will need to be increased. Alternatively, keep the catch rate but make them spawn more regularly in the wild, appearing randomly at PokéStops, and when one escapes From the PokéStop, it appears in another location somewhat nearby. Calling for major changes in its work.

Other fans took to the comments to agree with the author, with some revealing how rare the skins actually are. One user wrote: “I've been playing every day for months and I've never seen one before.” While another added: “I've been playing for years, and use Daily Incense almost every day. I still haven't seen anything. Friends who've been playing for a month picked up 2. It's frustrating. »

However, while many commented that they agreed with the poster, some revealed that it was part of the game's charm.

“I like the scarcity aspect.” One user revealed the rarity “Something that a lot of legendary Pokemon in this game lack.”

Others immediately agreed with the comment, adding “Birds are the only non-shiny Pokemon in the game that give you excitement when you see them appear. This is due to their rarity and difficulty in obtaining them.”

Another added that he wanted to “Let them make more legendaries work similarly to the Birds of Galar instead of banning 95% of the legendaries behind raids.” By continuing to ask Niantic to do so “Put more rare items into the game.”

While the rarity of Galarbirds should not be underestimated and will understandably be frustrating, there is something to be said for getting fans excited when they encounter them. However, society seems to be calling for them to reappear in the wild.

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