Pitti Immagine Uomo, everything you need to know about version 100

Pitti Immagine Uomo, everything you need to know about version 100

Pitti Immagine Uomo is back in attendance to celebrate its centenary. From June 30 to July 2, Fortezza da Basso will host – with a detailed safety protocol – the largest international exhibition dedicated to men’s clothing, which will also take place for the first time with Petit Bimbo. The theme of this summer edition is my house 100: “100 is a strong, important, round and promising number. It is certainly a milestone, but – if read backwards, 001 – becomes a symbol of a new beginning. From the very beginning it seemed to us a great opportunity to express the mood in which we prepare to design and organize our summer shows, and finally to return to the audience » commented Agostino Polito, General Manager of Pitti Immagine at the press conference. “The 100th edition of Pitti Uomo will not only be a celebration of retro intent, but rather a date that will relaunch our way of making brands and designers speak while always looking to the future. Francesco Dondina’s graphic project, with hundreds of different ways of writing 100, exemplifies the spirit of Pitti so well: Creative and multifaceted. Not surprisingly, some of Fortezza’s leading brands are already interpreting – through a special “capo 100″ – the theme of our salons.”

The path within the groups will be divided into three macro areas, and three special paths that tell the different souls of menswear: Fantastic Classic – the evolution of the classics in their most innovative and contemporary versions, dynamic position Passion for the outdoors as a meeting point between sports and streetwear, Superstyle The search for new stylistic canons anticipating trends. In addition to the overall areas, the show will also present independent exhibition spaces, Where brands can express themselves and articulate their collections. Of the more than 300 brands present, Brunello Cucinelli, CP Company, Briglia 1949, Herno, Save The Duck, to name a few, gave their assertion: “So far we can count on 315 ready and physically present brands, which amount to 355 With those who have joined the digital project Pitti Connect”, explained Pitti Uomo Managing Director Raffaello Napoleone. It will be possible to count on the presence of about 29 foreign brands from countries such as Portugal, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. “We expect about 8000 buyers to arrive from Italy and Europe as well as from Russia and the United States. Unfortunately we cannot rely on eastern buyers.”

Special guest at Tiba Mago** **OF PITTI UOMO 100

Special guest at THEBE MAGUGU from PITTI UOMO 100

The South African designer will present, on Thursday 1 July, a special men’s collection from the brand of the same name, with an event at a specially designated location in Fortezza da Basso. “Thebe Magugu has won us right away,” declared Labo Cianci, Director of Communications and Events at Pitti Immagine, “since we began to follow his path, for the freshness of multicultural and multidisciplinary creativity, and at the same time for the nature that shows moral and social commitment in its collections.” His work seemed to us ideal for calling, in an unconventional way, to a new beginning filled with the active consciousness of young people.”

Also among the events to be reported in the city is the Gucci event which presents, in its centenary year, the new headquarters of the archive in Palazzo Settimanni, via delle Caldaie 7, the historic headquarters of the brand.

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