Pitcairn, the country with the smallest population in the world

Pitcairn, the country with the smallest population in the world

archipelago Pitcairn Islands It consists of four islands, hundreds of kilometers from each other, but only one is inhabited by man. Specifically, Pitcairn, the UK’s last Pacific colony, is only significant 50 registered residents, making it the least densely populated country in the world.

the details

Pitcairn is located in the middle of nowhere about 2,100 kilometers from the next plot of land which is Tahiti and Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. pitcairn It has no airport or port The steep cliffs that line the islands mean they can only be reached by small boat. The island It has an area of ​​only five square kilometers, which leaves very little land for cultivation, despite having very fertile soil. For this reason, beekeeping has recently spread in the country and the honey they produce is in great demand in New Zealand.


All residents are direct descendants of the heroes of one of the most legendary stories in the history of navigation, the Bounty Rebels. In April 1789 Fletcher Christian A large part of the crew rebelled against their captain, William Bligh: The Rebels saw in Bligh a man so focused on the mission (looking for raw materials and bringing them to America) that he and his crew were thrown off the boat and the Rebels looked for a place to stop that place was Pitcairn.

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