Pirillo: The growth of the equestrian world is extraordinary

Pirillo: The growth of the equestrian world is extraordinary

ROME, DECEMBER 7, 2021 – Simone Berrio, at the Vincente Horse conference, played at home: Graduated from Luiss, Masters in Economics in London, a equine study of economics.
What do we add?

“That’s right, it was an exciting date on a personal level. Quality work, I’ve believed in it a lot from the start since we took on this project which is the right development for the Union Which has its primary activity in sports activity but must include different sectors, from therapeutic activity with horses to Equestrian Tourism. In this context, knowing how to represent Equestrian Supply Chain, which is very visible at the national level, from sportswear to transportation, from feed to tourism, from saddlery to everyoneveterinary helpIt should be a federal target.”

Mathematical economics in general is underestimated: there is some suspicion that you conducted this study to turn this situation around a bit at the institutional level or perhaps just in the collective perception.

“The sports world has certainly been of interest and also to help. In the event equestrian sport There may have been less interest in the past than in other more visible sports such as football and therefore more important. Our specialty in recent times has conquered many new enthusiasts and even that somewhat shy attitude to self-telling that characterized the past has faded away, so the only thing to do today is to create a study that will tell the whole story. Complex supply chain. We needed an important partnership and Louis He was able to explain this need and identify very large numbers of our industries.”

Practically, 30 thousand business units is a medium-sized city that lives on equestrian activity …

“But not only. In terms of economic evaluation, Three billion euros They are an industrial sector that in other cases has stronger union representation because it is more uniform; In this legislative recognition horse athlete It contributes so much to a greater guarantee of the whole movement, that it recognizes some correct target concessions, which are not requests for rainfall, but are intended to strengthen, for example, Equestrian Tourism, both intended for walking in the countryside and Sports Tourism“.

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What is the benefit of studying the “winning horse”?

“It is a tool that has generated a great deal of interest by the leaders of the institutions present at the conference, by the President of Coni Malago Undersecretary of the Ministry Visali Even the General Director of Sports and Health edge. Strong institutional audience, powerful conversations, like partners Snetic with whom we cooperate in light of the Europeans, Viracavalli Which materially represents wealth Equestrian world. We told everyone that in Italy we pass on these numbers, the sporting horse of Fise is future horseIt will continue to keep pace with our growth and at the same time the economic growth of many sectors in the country.”

In any case, the final figure refers to the year 2018: since then the number of members has doubled …

“Yes, and it must be said that if the growth in 2020 can be considered episodic, now it is structural, and we are retaining an increasing number of new fans thanks to the work of regional committees and local clubs. Equestrian sports are in line with the values ​​of equestrian sports respect for nature Thus sensitively closer to the younger generations. Practically speaking, we make the economy grow by fostering a better relationship with the environment.”

What is the value of great events, such as the upcoming World Championships and the European Championships in Italy?

“Single events have a direct, measurable impact on the financial statements; we are about to formally dismiss the final balance sheet for Siena Square Which will close at a figure of close to three million euros, it is clear that the costs are balanced with many revenues. The competition is worth six million in terms of direct economic movement, then there is an incentive for this money on service providers, hotel owners, tourists, journalists, etc. Events create net added value, because they favor an economy that would otherwise not exist. Add it to Brattonian For example, we are planning significant redevelopment work that in turn generates a positive resource with repercussions for the World Championships budget.”

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Let’s leave the main topic behind: Raining and the Olympic format. Do you still play here at home or outside?

“America, which is the cradle of Raining The most important starting point for this discipline is that it has not subjected itself to global governance, with its strengths and weaknesses, but is in any case an expression of a society in which all disciplines exist. The fact remains that all European associations have invested a lot and want to remain a point of reference for Renning, so FIFA’s commitment to Renning’s field will certainly be maintained and strengthened.”

What is your position on the Olympic formula?

“Two visions collided here that both deserve respect: there is a traditional idea with a classic duo-team that characterizes the system. However, this approach has limits in the number of potential participants: almost all sports are required to limit the number of athletes present.”

And this is the position of the Knights: who lost him …

“Exactly…in the face of this there is the opposite situation, which wants to accompany globalization by shifting the center of gravity of equestrian sports, which are no longer the prerogative of Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand but the opening to Latin America, to Southeast Asia, to the Middle East, Where – fortunately, I should add – our discipline is gaining momentum. This necessity led to the decision being made in Antwerp, which I believe is a wise decision.”

It’s not really a popular niche…

“Now we have to work on the quality level, we have to make sure that we have high level teams. As Fise we are really thinking about making it easier to use reservations which therefore thinks about the right notes which have different authenticity Cavalieri They raised. I understand the opposition, but the goal is to project into the future, a wall facing a wall is not going to be useful and the real challenge in light of Paris is how our teams arrive, how we prefer to open up to the world. Real sports are really global sports, so I see the goal of the FIVB and all of us is to overcome this struggle. For example, basketball remains 5v5 but shoots 3v3 which comes from the street basketball experience. We should always remember where we started, be proud to know where we come from, but are happy that other countries are arriving as well.”

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