Pierre Sammut, one of the big names in Martinique politics, has died

Pierre Sammut, one of the big names in Martinique politics, has died

The former MP, former Mayor of Lamentin, former Vice-President of the Regional Council, former General Counsel of Martinique, and founding president of the political movement “Building a Martinique Nation” withdrew this afternoon. He would have been 90 years old on August 21, 2024.

Pierre Sammut, former artisan builder, businessman and founder of the “Build Martinique Country” movement in 1998, went to his home in Lamentin this afternoon (June 14, 2024).

Distinguished by the social cause at a very young age, he joined the Communist Party of Martinique in 1952 and campaigned alongside Pierre Zubda Quitman. Experience the role of an elected official as a municipal councilor on George Gratiant's team.

These men who are presented as builders: Georges Gratiant (1907-1992) and Pierre Zubda-Ketman (1923-1987), respectively mayor of Lamentin and first deputy of Lamentin for almost thirty years, instilled in him the essence of politics and the importance of political action. Social work, dialogue with the masses, and listening to those in charge of their management.

His appeal did not escape George Gratiant who made him his deputy from 1983 to 1989. Immediately afterwards he was elected mayor of Lamentin. His supporters say his election as general counsel in 1987 allowed Martinique voters to discover his “ability to work and loyalty.”

In 1995, a public procurement issue in the Lamentin City Council caused a lot of noise. Pierre Sammut was accused of nepotism and influence peddling and was detained for several days. He won the municipal elections with approximately 85% of the votes.

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In 1998, after disagreements over political line with Georges Erichot, Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Martinique, he clarified his vision and founded, with a few dissidents, his own party, “Building the State of Martinique.”

By obtaining 84% of the votes, he was able to be re-elected as mayor.

He left his mark on the regional elections by winning 4 seats and raising his votes to Alfred Marie Jean during the election of the Assembly President.

On 16 June 2002, Pierre Sammut was elected MP for the 3rd electoral district of Martinique. Leaves Camille Darcier (Martinique Progressive Party). His election was annulled a few months later, and on 27 February 2003, he was replaced by his deputy, Philippe Edmond Mariette.

In the regional elections of March 2004, his “Alliance pour la Martinique” list merged in the second round with the list led by Madeleine deGrandmaison of the PPM party. He was again elected Regional Councilor.

During the municipal elections of March 2008, Pierre Sammut was re-elected at the age of 74 for a fourth term in the first round.

He was also elected President of CACEM (Urban Community of Central Martinique),

In November 2018, Pierre Sammut finished his term as mayor of Lamentin and passed the torch to his first deputy, David Zubda. He follows the same approach at the head of his party. He leaves the reins to David Zubda.

Note that he was honored during his lifetime. The community aquatic center is named after Pierre Sammut.

Pierre Sammut on 10 dates

  • 1934: Birth in Fort-de-France, August 21
  • 1987: General Counsel Lamentine
  • 1989: Mayor of Lamentin
  • 1998: Founding President of Bâtir le Pays Martinique
  • 1998: Regional Advisor
  • 2002: Representative for the third district
  • 2008: President of CACEM
  • 2018: He relinquishes his term as mayor
  • 2022: Lamentin Community Swimming Pool bears his name
  • 2024 He died in his 90th year.
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