Philip Morris' secret war on the World Health Organization

Philip Morris’ secret war on the World Health Organization

“Traitor”, “sold”, “war prize” … Words collided in Derek Jach’s head as he was disembarking at Geneva Airport from New York. On this day in September 2015, a South African, the world-famous public health expert, flew in business class but feels like a criminal on the loose.

He blames himself, he could have wore a wide-brimmed hat to hide his face, he says in his diary, where he assumes the turning point that his career takes next (An unimaginable project, Barlow Publishing, 2018, untranslated). What if … oh my god … What if the driver assigned to drive her to Lausanne holds a “PMI-Derek Yach” sign? Peek at the arrivals lounge. Phew! no one knows.

In this city, for about ten years, Derek Yak led the Tobacco Free Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). He who sees himself in it “Star of tobacco control music” He was one of the main architects of a landmark international treaty preventing the tobacco lobby from reaching public decision-makers. It’s the same guy who, that day, has an appointment at the headquarters of the world’s largest tobacco company: Philip Morris International (PMI).

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The two hours pass by CEO Andre Calantzopoulos’ office at lightning speed. In his uniform “Completely modified”, M. Calantzopoulos, ‘Public Enemy Number 1’ Public health heroes speak of the transformation of their sector, Reducing the risks associated with smoking, A smoke-free future. Derek Yak thinks so.

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Two years later, in September 2017, the tobacco industry hosted a conference in the five-star lounges at the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel in the United States. Derek Yach LLC ad Establishing a Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, and before assuming the presidency. With full funding from Philip Morris to reach a value of $ 80 million (€ 67.22 million) for a period of twelve years, or nearly $ 1 billion (€ 840 million), the charitable organization aims to: “Quit smoking in a generation”. The grand prize aims to fund research “independent”.

The strength of the doors

Derek Yak assures him: The articles of association of the foundation and its non-profit organization and the rules for granting its grant prohibit Philip Morris from participating in its management, decisions, strategies, or activities.

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