Peter Jackson and James Cameron for a future without meat

Peter Jackson and James Cameron for a future without meat

The two Hollywood filmmakers launched PBT New Zealand in March 2017, to change the future of agriculture in New Zealand.

A future without meat is the promise of the Master Peter Jackson And James Cameron To phase out livestock farming and save wildlife in New Zealand. Two years after creating their company, the Lord of the Rings and Avatar directors tell us more about their project.

Citizen of New Zealand, Peter Jackson He didn't hesitate for a moment when… James Cameron They offered to set up their business in New Zealand. The latter owns more than a thousand hectares of agricultural land in Wairarapa He lives in Wellington and says plant-based innovation can drive economic growth in New Zealand.

Plant-based meat could feed 10 billion people in 20 to 30 years!

This is indeed the solution that the management company wants to implement.“We are currently in a research phase but are looking into ways to make protein extraction from alfalfa more efficient.” Cameron said.

Latest report from the consulting company In Kearney It declares that the global supply of meat will fall by more than a third by 2040 in order to produce animal cells in the laboratory and manufacture meat-flavored products from plant proteins.

Peter Jackson And James Cameron We hope that their project will succeed and thus find a solution that will reduce the impact of animal farming on the environment and succeed in this transition towards a meat-free world.


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