Peta Gus Swakula’s beautiful story of his arrival in Claremont with his New Zealand international wife!

Peta Gus Swakula’s beautiful story of his arrival in Claremont with his New Zealand international wife!

Last summer, Claremont decided to recruit New Zealand stalwart Peta Gus Sawakula in the third row.

Having a very slow start to the season, the solid player was unable to impress the Auvergne crew.

But over the months, Pita-Gus Sowakula has managed to raise his level of play to the point of satisfying the ASM coaching staff.

For those who don’t know, Peta Gus Swakula’s wife also plays rugby.

She plays for Romania’s women’s division.

Beta Gus Swakula narrates his early days via Olympic midday. Extracts:

“I have to be in the ASM weight room at 8 a.m., so I wake up before my partner and daughter, and I often make them breakfast.”

His wife continues. Extracts:

“And in the evening, I train with Romanian girls, so he often cooks. His favorite dish is chicken with rice or pork, but I have to admit that he doesn’t cook badly!

Beta Gus Swakula arrived in Clermont alone in October from the Chiefs.

Just two months later, in December, his wife and daughter joined him. Extracts:

“I missed my partner and my daughter a lot, especially when I was in a small flat for the first two weeks, but once I got home I was better. I exposed myself to them more, and the time was getting closer. I also spent Lavinia’s birthday and my own in Claremont, plus the weather was A little cold (laughs), I put on two or three jackets to motivate myself to go and train!

For his wife, everything was easier. Extracts:

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“For me it was easier because I had all my family and our daughter in New Zealand. I was really focused on making the move and packing our things. It was on my mind a lot but we knew it was only a couple of months of waiting and everything would be easier when We arrived in Claremont.

The wife of an ASM player tells how her husband signed for Clermont. Extracts:

“Peta was very happy to get this opportunity because he already knew Bekele Yato and Jono Gibbs at the time. Jono and I met in the Waikato, and it all started there actually, and for my part, I’ve accomplished everything in New Zealand as a rugby player. I was I want to experience a new adventure with Peeta but leaving my family was probably the hardest thing to do.

During negotiations, Claremont offered to play Peta’s wife Gus Swakula. Extracts:

“During the negotiations, ASM asked me if Toca still wanted to play, and I told them: ‘Of course, can you integrate him into the Romania team?’ And it happened like that.”

He expresses great respect for his wife. Extracts:

“Touka is the head of the couple, she runs everything! She always tells me what to do at home or with the little one, she is very directive!”

She also says she loves Claremont. Extracts:

“It’s quieter here, in New Zealand there were fights, people in cars were screaming at their tires and people were screaming almost every night. Plus we lived with my parents, so there was a lot of noise even inside the house (laughs).”

Regarding the game this time, Beta-Gus Swakula explains that he is gradually adapting to the game being played in the top 14. Excerpts:

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“I’m used to having more space in New Zealand and playing more instinctively. Here it’s more direct, we have to do our jobs, the game plan is very strict, sometimes I find it difficult to focus on the game strategy. But I’m adapting!”

His wife continues. Extracts:

“He had a good game, but he could have avoided a few strikers to do better! We discuss our matches on the weekends because rugby is our life, but we don’t keep notebooks with statistics like our coaches (laughs).”

For his part, Toca was quickly integrated into the Romania team. In January, a few weeks after arriving in France, she played her first match.

she says. Extracts:

“I wasn’t really in good shape, I didn’t expect to play so early but the match went well and I think I respected the coaches’ instructions well. I keep getting fitter and fitter. But it’s funny because during training some girls say to me ‘Touka, no Loudly please!” So I think I’m gaining momentum!”

The couple feels comfortable in Clermont and plans to visit the volcanoes this summer. Extracts:

“I haven’t visited them yet but I’m planning to go this summer. I’ll go jogging there, Christophe Aureus will be happy, it will be good for physical preparation (laughs)! Since we’ve been in Clermont, the neighborhood has become very quiet and the neighbors are nice to us, often asking us if we need help.” .

He also says that he understands his coach better and better. Extracts:

“I’m able to understand Christophe Aureus more and more, especially when he gets angry! There’s no need for much explanation (laughs), but fortunately he speaks a little English to help us understand when he’s calmer.

Toca explains that he loves his Romagnat team. Extracts:

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“I love my team, the girls are very welcoming, although I still have to get used to saying hello individually. In New Zealand, we just shout ‘Hello!’ to everyone and that’s fine! Here, everyone kisses or shakes hands, it was a real culture shock.” At first, but I’m adjusting week by week!

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