Persico 69F Cup, the second edition kicks off tomorrow in Malcesine - news

Persico 69F Cup, the second edition kicks off tomorrow in Malcesine – news

Eight races on the calendar will take place in four Italian stages: Malcesine, Porto Cervo, Torbole sul Garda and Puntaldia. Defending champion Flying Nikka ITA 47 will try to defend last season’s title.

Malcesine 6 April 2021 – The first regatta of the second edition of the Presco Cup 69F It will start on April 30th, with the most exciting and innovative chip boat at the moment that will start from Malcesine Waters. Thanks to the successes of the latest release, the 69F TEAM is ready for a season that is sparking a lot of interest among sailors from all over the world. Also notable are the blue sailor Umberto Molinires, champion of the 2021 Copa America over Luna Rossa. Fourteen crews have already confirmed their presence.

Recent improvements and training in Malcesine in light of the first Grand Prix of the season, which will take place from April 27 to May 9.
Roberto Lacorte of Flying Nikka ITA 47, the winner of the 2020 edition, is also ready at the beginning, who will try to benefit from last year’s experience and his comments: “We realize that after last year’s victory we have developed everything well maneuvering as well as managing the boat, but it will be necessary. Work more to counter highly motivated opponents The crew has worked hard on physical readiness and has already done some exercises in the water We have also developed a database of technical information regarding the best way of conducting and regulations, and above all specifications on how the crew should be managed in terms of operations.

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What role do you define in the Persico 69F?

Roberto La Courti: “Being a very fast and fast boat, consisting of three crew members, everyone is equally important; it is essential that everyone be prepared to better manage each role, and certainly the most stressful thing is the flight controller where he has to do a lot Physical activity compared to the helmsman who must be agile.

Chips will be the future of sailing, what advice would you give to those who climb the Persico 69F for the first time?

“I would say that I am not impressed but rather share the adrenaline that this type of boat gives. At first it may seem very fast and very fast, in fact it is a matter of training and satisfaction can come.”

The first edition will be for Alessandra Angelini’s class 83, an aeronautical engineer and sailor who participated in two Olympic sailing campaigns in the match race between London 2012 and in the Nacra17 class for the 2016 Rio Olympics. In 2014, after four years of studies and research, Alessandra completed the restoration and began sailing on the boat Old Olympic MARGA 1910, who participated in the 2012 Stockholm Olympiad: “I am delighted to participate in the PERSICO 69F Cup. My team will consist of Duccio Colombi at the helm, Umberto Molinres on the main sail and I as a flight observer.

Umberto recently returned from New Zealand to participate in the Copa América with Luna Rossa and will be boarding the boat for the first time these days. Duccio and I have already boarded the boat and the roles will now remain the same; It may also differ according to better performance. “

How should you handle the Persico 69F compared to the Marga 1910?

Alessandra Angelini: “ At the 69F, there is a lot more interaction than Marga, even if the wooden hull allows it to coexist with the sea more than the new materials now in use; the 69F is also more tense, it flies over the water and it doesn’t feel that weighty feeling that it carries with boats like Marga that It weighs 12 tons. The thing that surprised me a lot is that I found a lot of similarities with Marga without a winch and with a lot of manual work, in many things like the 69F where you have to use human ingenuity to improve all the maneuvers. “


last year Santi Lang Academy Olympic champion who also baptized the boat, aiming to support frustrated young talents, and future Olympic champions.

Ecological footprint

Choosing to use only 6 boats is preferred to reduce the environmental impact in this specialty. In fact, the class is set up with “Division of the abdominal muscles” Of six identical boats provided by the 69F that will be exchanged between teams during the regatta. High performance foil tug boats are designed by Wilson / Marquis, Made of pre-made carbon fiber from Persico Marine in Italy. These boats provide young, budding sailors with a world-class tool for racing at the highest level.

Calendar 2021 – Persian Cup 69F

Gran Prix 1 – Malcesine, Lake Garda
Event 1.1 – April 27 – May 2
Event 1.2 – April 4 – April 9

Grand Prix 2 – Porto Cervo, Sardinia
Event 2.1: July 5–10
Event 2.2: July 12-17

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Gran Prix 3 – Turbuli, Lake Garda
Event 3.1: September 7-12
Event 3.2: September 14-19

Grand Prix 4 – Puntaldia, Sardinia
Event 4.1: Sep 28 – Oct 3
Event 4.2: October 4-9

About 69F

69F is a complete One Design Boat, Race, Lifestyle format. The 69F is made by sailors, athletes, managers and communicators who believe in the future and success of flying sailing, as well as in the world of professional boat racing also in its prevalence in the world of lifestyle and amateur sport. The team is currently developing an innovative and sustainable circuit for one foil boat design along with a sailing academy designed for sailors of all levels that aims to ensure the best foil boat experience.

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