Penny Dagenais.  The Antoine Arnault Gallery hosts the Country, History and Heritage area

Penny Dagenais. The Antoine Arnault Gallery hosts the Country, History and Heritage area

A meeting place for visitors to share books and discover beautiful works.

Since November, the headquarters of the Country, History and Heritage (PHP) area has been changed; The municipality, the owner, wants to take over the building near the Porte de la Ville where it has been installed since 2018. A move facilitated by Antoine Arnault who has made available to the association a site inside his art gallery located at No. 7, rue du 14 Juillet in the medieval city of Beni. . A reception area where it would be nice to enter to stroll among the books – historical and heritage works and magazines from Lot, Garonne and elsewhere – and the works of the artist Antoine Arnault. The association’s volunteers will welcome the public there on Wednesdays and Sundays from 2:30 pm to 5 pm, by appointment by calling 06 11 59 33 90 for visits accompanied by Maria, the rural narrator, to the stronghold and royal city of Beni, called “The Most Beautiful A village in France”, and the church of Saint-Quitere in Massels.

Next PHP event: Friday 15 December, Agora Hall (Rue des Écoles in Portes-du-Pins): Presentation of the association – publishing house – with a presentation by Dr. Hepp on “Revolutions and Social Movements in the Nineteenth Century”, Marcel Garrosti’s latest work. His wife, Maria, will discuss the story of this self-taught historian. Visual artist and graphic designer Antoine Arnault devotes an obsessive search to chance alone, and through the spontaneity of line, splash, trace or burn, his works are constructed. He says that he cultivates foolishness at the expense of accuracy and seeks beauty that departs from the canons and inscriptions of glossy magazines. “The beauty I track is spontaneous and uncontrollable,” he says. “I capture it and try to frame it to show it, like a photographer who freezes for a moment once it disappears.” Techniques used by the artist: charcoal, graphite, oil, India ink, oil pastel. After choosing the applied arts sector and obtaining the baccalaureate, Antoine Arnault obtained the National Diploma of Plastic Arts in Toulouse. He worked at the Dragon Rouge communications agency in Paris before starting his career and joining the Maison des Artistes.

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