Passing in the orange vigil for "heavy rain and thunderstorms"

Passing in the orange vigil for “heavy rain and thunderstorms”

It was planned and announced this morning: Guadeloupe will suffer, in the coming hours, the strengthening of the effects of the tropical wave, which is heading towards the Caribbean Sea, crossing the Arc of the Lesser Antilles. Residents are called upon to be as vigilant in their movements.

As expected, Météo France released, at the end of the afternoon on Friday 1Verse July 2022 Orange Awakening Bulletin Heavy rain and thunderstorms for Guadeloupe. The population is therefore called upon to exercise extreme vigilance.

The Meteorological Center in Raisette maintains, for the time being, a yellow vigil, for ” Submerging waves and high winds ‘, in relation to the archipelago. As in the case of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, it was affected by heavy rain and high winds.

The first showers of a storm crossed Guadeloupe this afternoon.

Between 3 a.m. and 4 p.m., heavy rainfall was measured in Bouillante (30 mm), on Via Mamelles (20.7 mm), at Gros Morne Petit-Bourg (19.5 mm), in Basses in Grand-Bourg de Marie-Galante ( 10.4 mm) and La Désirade (9.1 mm).

The strongest winds are those blowing at La Désirade (110 km/h), Blanchett Morne-a-Lo (76.7 km/h) and Christophe Guyeff (72.4 km/h).

As reported in the morning, the effects of the tropical wave crossing the arc of the Lesser Antilles are now more felt. This is likely to escalate.

So do not count on the calm that appears at the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening; And announces the return of activity and the intensification of rain on Saturday night and morning.

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The entire archipelago is affected by the risk of heavy rain and storm surge. It may be accompanied by strong gusts of wind and, as noted today, frost. This rain is expected to continue most of Saturday.
A clear improvement is expected from Saturday at the end of the day.

On the wind side, the archipelago experiences gusts of 70-85 km / h, and up to 90 km / h to 100 km / h, on the hills and on the coast. These winds continue until Saturday. It may be more ferocious during thunderstorms.

Coastal areas to the east of Marie-Galante and Les Saints remain at risk of marine flooding. Ponds can reach 3.5 m in the east to east and southeast and swell overnight from Friday to Saturday. Unusual waves and spot floods are possible on exposed coasts.
Extinguishing will be fast, Saturday morning.

The first rains are expected at the beginning of the night, in Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy. The most important rain activity is expected on Saturday morning, with heavy rain, sometimes stormy. The risk of heavy rain continues on Saturday, with thunderstorms that can affect the islands at the back of the wave. Large accumulations of 40 to 60 mm in 3 hours are possible.

The passage of this active wave generates many gusts, between 70 and 85 km / h, and even 90 km / h, in Saint Barthelemy, especially during the night from Friday to Saturday and on Saturday morning.

An improvement is expected on Saturday evening.

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