Participate in the Convergences 2021 Forum for a World Zero Carbon, Poverty, and Exclusion

Participate in the Convergences 2021 Forum for a World Zero Carbon, Poverty, and Exclusion

On September 2 and 3 in Paris, look for the “Global Convergence Forum”, which since 2008 has brought together economic and political players, associations, as well as academics and media on the SDGs. This year’s theme Zero exclusion, zero carbon, zero poverty who will be in the spotlight.
Since 2008, the Global Convergence Forum in Paris has brought together all the players involved in the transition to a more sustainable world, with one ambition: to facilitate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Within 10 years, the Forum has become a unique meeting place for all players in the transition: the public sector, the business world, the media, and civil society. is todayAn event not to be missed for all those involved in the fight against poverty and the achievement of sustainable development. global convergence forum, It’s also two days of inspiration, discussions, workshops and networking to discuss and build a “zero exclusion, zero carbon, zero poverty” world.

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Reinventing the sustainable society of tomorrow

This year, after the health, social and economic crises that have gripped the world, the event is the right moment to rethink society from a more sustainable development perspective. Her ambition: to provide solutions for a world that is carbon-neutral, free of exclusion, and free of poverty. On September 2 and 3, in partnership with Youmatter, it will be a question of bringing together actors to create a convergence of ideas and initiatives on the topic of sustainable development. Good practices, discussions, conferences and networking will be shared in the program of this special edition.

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Affinity Forum Program 2021

In the event programme, there will be more than thirty conferences related to the sustainable development goals, with experts from all sectors. Present will be among others: Fabrice Bonivet (College of Sustainable Development Directors), Magalene Payne (We’re Ready), Julien Vidal (Starts With Me), Olivia Gregoire (Foreign Secretary in charge of Social and Solidarity Economy and Responsible) … The program of all events is available here.
A special evening will also be organized on the theme “Media, Youth and Climate”. Come meet the youth mobilizing for the climate, understand the climate emergency and discover youth-led initiatives and projects, to find their way to action!

Affinity Forum 2021: Join Us

To register, go to Global Convergence Forum Ticket Office.
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