PARIS: LVMH unveils the House of Distinguished Careers, Exhibition and Luxury Knowledge School

PARIS: LVMH unveils the House of Distinguished Careers, Exhibition and Luxury Knowledge School

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LVMH’s future home model for distinguished careers (© Hannah Levesque)

It will open its doors at the end of 2025. On the occasion of the SHOW ME Paris 2023 edition, the group LVMH On Tuesday, October 17, in Pleyel Hall, she presented her project to the House of Distinguished Professions. A place in Paris that will, according to the luxury group Bernard Arnault, “a showcase of the expertise of the LVMH Group houses to the general public and Training spaceAnd the exchange and creativity of her talents. The venue will also contain a café, meeting space, library and craft workshops for the general public.

The place is located at 8 Bayard Street

“We pioneered the recognition of skilled trades by creating the Institute of Distinguished Trades almost 10 years ago,” notes Chantal Gimberly, director of human resources and synergies at LVMH, in a press release. Today, our Distinguished Careers Program makes us one of the largest knowledge transfer ecosystems in the world. Therefore, we needed a physical location to match this ambition. LVMH remains a permanent learning space and we work to build pathways throughout our employees’ careers. »

The House of Distinguished Professions will be established at 8 Bayard Street in the capital’s 8th arrondissement.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, the main building will host, on the first two floors, model rooms for advanced classes and courses in tailoring, leather goods or jewellery, while the third floor will be dedicated to theoretical and practical training for the group’s artisans. On the last level will be the library.

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