Paris: In Bercy, there's a new, immersive, and unique place that makes science great

Paris: In Bercy, there’s a new, immersive, and unique place that makes science great

Bercy Village is diversifying its offering and opening its doors to a new, unique and original concept on October 28th.

the scientific experiments Its quarters occupy an area of ​​850 square meters entirely dedicated to science. In the program, incredible discoveries, a unique experiential journey and an educational journey that is 100% impossible. To live and discover from 0 to 99 years old. Opportunity to learn and be surprised!

Scientific Experiences: A Round of Discoveries

Supported by a panel of scientific experts, Science Experiments is the new interdisciplinary course. A true hybrid place of learning through immersive and innovative means – such as virtual reality, video mapping or multisensory and emotional presentations, Science Experiences approaches science through the prism of entertainment. Accompanied by an animator, visitors will be able to discover this wonderful place in groups of 15 people.

At the crossroads between the theme park and the science museum, and with the aim of surprising and amazement, science experiments take visitors on a journey by making them live a whirlwind of experiments: explore the limits of the universe, dive into the depths of the abyss, by visiting the center of the earth, to conclude with live experiences on the topics of the human body and quantum physics ( laser, teleportation, hovering).

By moving from room to room to discover this fascinating and interactive journey, audiences will be transported to wonderful universes that allow them to awaken science.

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