Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Athletes from Saudi Arabia and New Zealand will prepare in Oren

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Athletes from Saudi Arabia and New Zealand will prepare in Oren

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The year 2024 will witness the organization of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

The Orne section will welcome athletes from various foreign delegations, incl From Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

“With its recently opened international center for equestrian sports, it is only natural that Haras national du Pin will become the first Mecca for competitions, show jumping and dressage“, specified Christophe De Balori, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the opening of the fourth plenary session of the year, on Friday, December 8, 2023.

Argentina, Alenson, Ligel

to argentinian, The new sporting shooting range, “currently being completed, will provide an extraordinary baptism of fire,” he added. “The city will also be sought after by the table tennis elite, which will be hosted at the Michel Pelchat Gymnasium. »

to Alenson, Table tennis at L’Etoile and judo at Dojo Fabien Canu are what could attract the attention of Olympic athletes.

in eagle land, “The combined sports center will accommodate several disciplines: handball, badminton and pétanque.”

Montormel’s Freedom Appeal on the occasion of the 80th day

Other highlights in 2024: the 80th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Normandy and liberation.

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Christophe de Balori declared: “We wanted our celebrations in Orne to be placed under the slogan of Franco-German reconciliation and peace in the world.”

The Montormel site, where the provincial celebrations will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2024, will also host the Freedom Appeal, accompanied by a popular festive programme, with the participation of many actors, including several foreign groups. The event had until then been held inside the Hôtel du Département in Alençon.

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Ten years of Elles de l’Orne

Another anniversary that the management will celebrate in 2024: the tenth edition of Elles de l’Orne.

“In 10 years, more than 25,000 women have joined their efforts and nearly 214,000 euros have helped advance cancer research. This research is progressing because we have a 5-year cure rate of 85%,” concluded the head of the department.

Tribute to deceased mayors

Before examining the agenda, Christophe de Balori invited members of the Orne District Council to honor Jean-Louis Renaud, deputy mayor of Saint-Jean-des-Bois.

“Jean-Louis Renault died accidentally in the line of duty on November 27 while on his way to a firefighter intervention.”

A thought was also addressed to “the mayors who have left us since the beginning of the year: Jean-Claude Gandet, Mayor of Saint-Martin-des-Bézirates and Jean-Pierre Belde, Mayor of La Chapelle-Pres-C.”

Vote on the 2024 budget

The agenda of this last session of the year is devoted to voting on the initial budget for 2024.

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