Paralympics: The Basketball Final is still a business between Canto and Santo Stefano

Paralympics: The Basketball Final is still a business between Canto and Santo Stefano

After the canceled season, UnipolSai Briantea seeks revenge after the 2019 Scudetto Tournament from March

For “Where We Were”, the first match of the wheelchair basketball tournament final 2020/2021 between Santo Stefano Sport and Unipole Sai Bryantia 84, who are already two of the finalists, will take place on Saturday 10 April, live on Rai Sport. From the pre-Covid years, the last three colors have been given. The Scudetto was won, for the first time in history, by coach Roberto Cericioli of Marches, while the match that begins on Saturday will be coach Daniele Reva’s first final, at the helm of Unipole Sai Bryantia 84.

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“Excited, yes, but the games started. If I think about two years ago, the feelings, of course, were due to the fact that I was playing against my former team. Today, I think it is more about the competition between Santo Stefano and Canto, which has become the new” classic “of football The Italian wheelchair basket since 2019, many things have changed, but above all, this season was really strange and different: we played some matches and never played Canto, the last time was in October, in the Coppa Italia, when we clearly lost. That, I think we’ve grown a lot in recent months and can have our say. ” David Chiera played for Canto from youth until the 2017/2018 season, winning 4 League titles, 3 Italian Cups and 3 Italian Super Cups. But with Santo Stefano, he won a championship, the first in Marche’s history, in May 2019. In front of TV, Saturday, at 12 o’clock, there will also be Letizia, Davide’s sister, who returned from New Zealand after 8 years: “She will be there too, with her family, Cheers to me and I am so happy.I think family affection will prevail over that territoriality. Actually, it definitely is. However, there will be a wonderful affection as well: It has been a long time since I came home, and the last time was Christmas. I fear him more than Bryantia? What a bad question! I would say that many Biancoblos do not need an introduction, Birdon first. But above all, no predictions were made, and I am happy to see that many young boys who were in The youth team, when I played in Kanto, is now in the first team. ”

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From Berdoun

“How much do I want my revenge, when thinking of 2019? I’m honest: nothing. It’s been nearly two years now, and frankly, I’m very happy that Briantea84 is back in the final. I don’t care if Santo Stefano or another team are in front of me. You taught me last time,” With a pandemic between them, to look at my home. Have I become wiser? I don’t know more wiser: When I was younger, I wanted to show one team or another that had beaten us, no, we were stronger. But my happiness now is to be in the final. The year was short, many teams did not get stronger, we started late, the movement was difficult for some players but anyway I think a good tournament came out with three and four high-ranking teams and others, unfortunately, less. Just think of Martin who was on Bergamo’s list, But he had to stay in Great Britain and only got here for the qualifiers: and with him Bergamo ran differently. Compared to two years ago, I think we have gained some important players: I think Saeed Idris is one of 1.5 points that we’ll hear more about in the years. Coming up, like Santorelli and Raourahi, the comeback of Alberto Estici and Julio Papi was an ace Exponentially. . Then I think integrating with our youth is very beautiful: We all love to be with them. They understand us, we consider them part of the list, sometimes we pay them as we should but they are very respectful. I also know that I wasn’t lucky enough to play on a team like the one they are playing now. If they take advantage of this opportunity, they can really spend important minutes on the field in three years. For them, even one minute of play is a great opportunity. Speaking of Saturday’s game, I’m sure of only one thing: It won’t be the Coppa Italia in October. Fear of just one player from Santo Stefano would be a big mistake. ”

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The race program

The first race will take place in the Marche region, at PalaPrincipi in Porto Potenza Picena, on Saturday 10 April at 12.00 with live coverage on RaiSport.
Race-2 is scheduled for Brianza within a week, Saturday April 17th at 12 o’clock and live on RaiSport. in the end

Race-3 is scheduled for Saturday April 24 in Palameda, 11.30 am, still live on Rai.

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