Parade in honor of Pierre Cardin at the Museum of Air and Space

Parade in honor of Pierre Cardin at the Museum of Air and Space

Written by Rizhlaine F. Posted Jan 17, 2022 4:52 pm

A little more than a year ago, the fashion world had to say goodbye to one of its most famous representatives, fashion designer Pierre Cardin. To honor him, Cardin House plans a future parade on January 28, 2022 at the Museum of Air and Space with unpublished pieces.

On December 29, 2020, the fashion world lost one of its most famous personalities, French-Italian fashion designer Pierre Cardin. Disappeared at the age of 98, he has distinguished this creative world with graphic and streamlined pieces that make him one of the founders of futuristic fashion.

the January 28, 2022, at the end of the Haute Couture Fashion Week 2022 to me Paris, the Cardan’s house Presents a fashion show in honor of its creator. And what could be more appropriate for this fashion designer who started space age fashion, than a celebration at the Air and Space Museum?

Behind this honor, Rodrigo Basilicate CardinAnd Executive Director The home of the designer’s nephew, he also intends to show the brand is relaunch.We like to enter Fashion Week, at least once a year. We need to communicate. My uncle did a lot and the call happened by itself.” He told AFP.

this is Memorial Parade It must attract the attention of fans the situation, not only in its meaning, but also in its program. “We wanted to do this on a space theme to evoke the ’60s when Pierre Cardin wanted to wear the man who goes on spaceships” advertisement Rodrigo Basilicate Cardin. For half an hour, we will then see about thirty new models imagine it Pierre Cardin, but also a new line of clothing inspired by this cult stage of the work of the great fashion designer.

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