Pagenaud and Bordes in the back of the package

Pagenaud and Bordes in the back of the package

The first day of Indianapolis 500 qualifiers saw Scott Dixon pick up the fastest time ahead of Colton Hertha and Tony Canaan. Simon Pagenaud will start from the 26th place, just before Sébastien Bourdais.

after two years His victoryAnd the Simon Pagenaud did not shine on the first day of qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 mile race. Whereas all 35 participants had a chance to complete at least four laps in a row on their own in order to either qualify for “Fast Nine” which will take center stage on Sunday, or to avoid the “last chance qualifiers” during which the last five will be. They only have one chance to secure their place in the starting network. But for Pawvainen and compatriot Sebastien Bordet, there will be no new passage on the track for the last day. In fact, with an average speed of over ten miles (16,090 km) of 369,792 km / h, Simon Pagenaud only ranked 26th as the best performer.Which will be his starting point at the end of next week. For his part, Sebastian Bordes signed a similar performance for his compatriot (369,740 km / h) and will be ranked 27th on the starting line..

Dickson imposes, authority is not yet qualified

Already most efficient on Friday, when officials raised the performance of individual seats via turbo to qualify, and their first on the track on Saturday, Scott Dickson never missed his chance. Winner in 2008, and second last year behind Takuma Sato and captain of the tournament, The New Zealander settled to the top of the schedule with four laps with an average speed of 373,089 km / h.. He is ahead of Colton Hertha and the legend Tony Canaan. Ed Carpenter Rinus VikaiThey will be accompanied by Helio Castronivis, Alex Baloo, Ryan Hunter-Ray and Marcus Erickson on Sunday during “Fast Nine” as they will each have only one chance to gain the center stage. At the bottom of the schedule, the five drivers who will have to fight in one attempt to grab their place in the starting grid are Simona de Silvestro, Charlie Kimball, Will Power, Sag Karam and RC Inerson. Simon Pagenaud’s fellow Team Penske, Will Power won’t be allowed to make mistakes And you have to be in the top three in this session to be present at the start in the last row at the end of next week.

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