OXENFREE II is everywhere (and even on Netflix), but not on Xbox|  Xbox One

OXENFREE II is everywhere (and even on Netflix), but not on Xbox| Xbox One

With the Indie World event, Nintendo is used to presenting quality games coming to Nintendo Switch, but also occasionally on other consoles. However, Oxenfree II will not be released on Xbox.

Another developer avoiding Xbox

It’s a funny surprise here. Night School Studio announced a July 12th release date for OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, but there’s no doubting the Xbox console’s presence here. The game was only announced on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and on Steam.

Night School Studio was acquired by Netflix in 2021, so the game will also be released on the popular streaming platform and will be playable on mobile.

But what about Xbox? Why is the game being advertised on all platforms except Xbox? It is possible that Netflix decided to exclude Microsoft from the equation, but today it is impossible to get a clear answer on this topic. Netflix and Microsoft are, in any case, competitors in the video game sector at a distance, and two of the largest technical players in the world.

The first game was a hit on Xbox, however, and Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankle touted the value of Xbox Game Pass to developers in 2019, pointing to a broader audience to reach without worrying too much. .

Despite the strong opening in recent years to other markets, Xbox still seems to have a hard time attracting developers to its platform today. Most recently, it was the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection that was conspicuously absent from Xbox while it was available on Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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