Overwatch: The game will be deactivated before a sequel is released

Overwatch: The game will be deactivated before a sequel is released

When Blizzard make it official Monitor 2former Game Director Jeff Kaplan explained that players from the first batch can continue to play with others in multiplayer mode PvP. Since then, the developer has revised its plans and Overwatch The first name will disappear with the release of Overwatch 2.

But that’s not entirely accurate either, as the studio is announcing it nowNote and watch It will be deactivated two days before the release of Part Two. John Spector, Vice President Blizzardspeak with Eurogamer It indicates that Overwatch servers will shut down on October 2, 27 hours before Overwatch 2 launches. It is enough to give the developers time to set up the new servers and download this kit beforehand. Thus he says:

So, about a day before Overwatch 2 launches, we’ll be shutting down the Overwatch 1 servers. This means that, in practice, October 2 is already the last day to launch and run Overwatch 1. After that, that’s the 27 hour downtime we’d expect the Overwatch 2 servers to run.

We will give existing Overwatch players the option to download Overwatch 2 shortly before launch, if they want to download it beforehand. There are also a few things we’ll be asking players to do, to prepare for Overwatch 2. We’ll be sharing some kind of launch checklist with players before all this so they can have a smooth experience when it arrives on October 4. When we launch the game.

John Spector explains it If you already have Overwatch, a minor update will be offered on Overwatch 2. If you do not have the game, the sequel to the game will serve as a reminder free to play It will be available for download at Blizzard Battle.netThe Playstation StoreThe Microsoft Store or theElectronic shop. It’s time to discover novelties like they a hero unpublished and Battle Pass. All of this will happen on October 4threlease dateMonitor 2 On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Switch. You can find cards NHPto activate Special Battle Card for example, on me Amazon.

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