Othon.  The first science festival with implications for biodiversity

Othon. The first science festival with implications for biodiversity

Science Festival including 32H The edition has just taken place from 6 to 16 October, giving rise to a number of events at the Jacques de la Cumblee Natural History Museum in Autun. Discovery conferences and workshops followed, all developed thanks to a partnership between the museum, the Autun Natural History Society and the Burgundy Wildlife Observatory (Ofab).

Thus, if during a detailed presentation the audience was given a vision and understanding of what is the bioluminescence that leads designers to draw inspiration from nature to create new systems, they were also able, during the workshops, to be amazed by the visualization of bioluminescence of living organisms. Some types of mushrooms or by observing the power of sphagnum algae, the algae that devours water.

This event, which constitutes the first of its kind in Edoy, aims to continue according to David Beaudoin, President of the Natural History Society of Autun: “The idea is to transfer what are the cities of Chalons and Le Creusot into the field of natural sciences.” In the field of applied sciences in the “Science Village” meeting that they organize every year. Emphasis can also be placed on biodiversity, which is particularly dear to our living area. »

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