Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa announces his victory in the presidency

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa announces his victory in the presidency

With our correspondent in Johannesburg. Claire Bargilis

The opposition denounces Hit the ballot box .” We won this election », Nelson hit Chamisa in front of the press. ” We are ahead, and we will challenge these results, which were hastily compiled and without real verification The 45-year-old lawyer and pastor is the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). He claims that he is in possession of documents containing results by polling station, whose numbers do not correspond to the added results. The day before, with the re-election of Emmerson Mnangagwa, 80, has been announcedTwo days before ZANU-PF won power, Nelson Chamisa, in a post on social network X (formerly Twitter), denounced, ” A blatant and massive fraud “.

We are ready to form the next government Speaking to the media, Nelson Chamisa added, without specifying exactly what is the next step for his party, while confidence in the judicial system is very low according to EU observers.

a “ mature democracy President Mnangagwa welcomes

Wednesday’s elections in Zimbabwe were extended to Thursday due to insufficient ballot papers, especially in the capital, Harare, and took place amid intimidation of voters at the gates of polling stations, measures that the head of the African Union observer mission, former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, described as possible. criminal offences “.

Water cannons were deployed around the polling station, the site of demonstrations five years ago that left six dead, when Emmerson Mnangagwa had already been declared the winner against Nelson Chamisa.

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For his part, who has been reappointed head of state for a second term, Emmerson Mnangagwa used his first speech to call for ” Unity and stability from the state.

Despite the many problems highlighted by international observers, especially the extension of the voting day until the next day, which raises doubts about the proper conduct of the poll, the Zimbabwean president said he was proud of the ruling of ” mature democracy “and refers to the contestants in the elections that they” Know where to go to complain “.

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