Opposition leader also under investigation for possible rule-breaking against Covid

Opposition leader also under investigation for possible rule-breaking against Covid

This announcement comes to distort the good electoral results obtained by the Labor Party in the local elections The results of which seem to be a punishment from Party Gate. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On Friday, May 6, police said Labor leader Keir Starmer, the prime minister’s first opponent, was in turn implicated in possible violations of regulations against Covid-19.

The controversial rally dates back to April 2021 when the Labor leader was fighting for a partial legislative vote. Indoor gatherings have been banned, but Keir Starmer said he ordered curry and beer for the team that met that evening at the party venue in Durham, north-east England. This, he said, was the only possible solution with restaurants closed.

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The police had already looked at this meal for about thirty people and came to the conclusion‘No crime has been identified’but many details have appeared in the press since then, especially the tabloid daily Mail, On the right, who has devoted several “ones” to the cause in recent days. On Friday, the police justified the investigation by receiving it Important new information.

Labor denies breaking the rules

Of course we will answer all questions.A Labor Party spokesman reiterated this‘No rules were broken’. Just weeks after Boris Johnson was fined at Party Gate, the opening of this investigation puts Keir Starmer in a delicate position. The Labor leader has repeatedly called on the prime minister to resign in response to the holiday scandal in Downing Street during the lockdowns.

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Boris Johnson has been fined for a brief appearance at a surprise birthday party marking his 56th birthday on June 19, 2020. According to British press reports, the Prime Minister attended at least five of the dozens of other gatherings that London police are still investigating. When announcing the opening of an investigation targeting Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer mentioned a “mark of shame” The prime minister demanded his resignation.

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