Opened the bottom of a private pool, one died and another injured

Opened the bottom of a private pool, one died and another injured

Two people were honored by the sudden collapse of the bottom of a private swimming pool in Karmi Youssef, in the center of the country. One managed to get out on its own, while the other did not.

One person was killed and another injured in Carmei Yosef, a city in central Israel, after he was trapped in a hole that opened at the bottom of a private swimming pool. The facts took place on Thursday, during a company party, organized by a marketing company, and included about fifty people, according to reports. Times of Israel.

According to Israeli media, six people were bathing in the pool, when a sudden collapse at the bottom (“sink” in English) caused a 13-meter deep pit. Two men fell there. The first managed to get up to get off, was slightly injured, and the emergency services took care of him.

Swimming pool without a license

The second man, 32, did not survive the fall. It took rescuers four hours to reach him and pronounce him dead. According to the emergency services, the operation was complicated by the fear of a second collapse, forcing them to build a structure to reinforce the pool deck, before being able to rescue the victim.

According to our colleagues, the owner of the villa, which often hosts this kind of party, did not ask for permission to build his own pool. He was heard by the police, who opened an investigation.

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