OpenAI signs an agreement with the Financial Times

OpenAI signs an agreement with the Financial Times

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, signed a contract on Monday, April 29 with Financial Times (FT): An American artificial intelligence startup, which other media outlets have accused of copyright infringement, will be able to license content from the British daily newspaper. The agreement will allow ChatGPT to provide its users “News summaries attributed to Financial TimesQuotes and links [vers le site du journal] In response to related questions »he explains Press release from FT. in “Integration of Financial Times journalism”this “strategic partnership” It will help improve the usefulness of OpenAI models, the media asserts.

the “Models” It is the technology underlying generative AI interfaces, which makes it possible to produce text, images, etc. based on a simple request from the user and in everyday language. It has generated a lot of enthusiasm since the end of 2022, but it has also generated a lot of concern, because Silicon Valley giants have collected astronomical amounts of data on the Internet in order to… “train”.

Many authors, artists, and news sites accuse these companies of copyright infringement. At the end of this December The New York Times Lawsuits have been filed against OpenAI and Microsoft, the lead investor in the startup. However, in recent months, the creator of ChatGPT has pledged to enter into content licensing agreements with media outlets – incl the world, But also the AP news agency, the Spanish conglomerate Prisa Media, and the German group Axel Springer – to enrich their models.

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A partnership between Axel Springer and Microsoft

Axel Springer Group, publisher of the tabloid BildOn Monday, Microsoft announced a major new partnership in the field of artificial intelligence, this time with software publisher Microsoft, by obtaining money in exchange for making its content available. This partnership specifically states that “Axel Springer will work with Microsoft to test innovative AI-powered chat experiences through which users can be informed and interact with Axel Springer's journalistic content..

“AI platforms are clearly paying publishers to use their material.”For his part, Chairman John Redding commented financial times, Quoted from the media statement. “OpenAI understands the importance of transparency and attribution [des sources] And compensation, all of which are necessary for us. At the same time, it is clearly in the interests of users that these products contain reliable sources.he added.

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The world with Agence France-Presse

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