OnePlus founder Carl Pei purchased the Andy Rubin Essential smartphone brand

Exactly a year ago until today, Android developer Andy Rubin announced that it is no longer bringing a second primary smartphone to the market. The entire project has been discontinued. Even today! Because, to our surprise, it is now known that former OnePlus founder Carl Pei has acquired the trademark rights to Essential. Can we now expect not only headphones but also Android smartphones from the new company “nothing”?

Basic not expired yet

When it became known in 2017 that Android Andy Robin left Google and introduced his first smartphone (Essential PH-1) under his own brand, Essential, there soon was a huge fan base. But somehow it was difficult for the company to gain a foothold internationally. running Essential PH-2 came despite several rumors Certainly not anymore. In mid-February 2020, it was announced that all Essential’s business had been discontinued.

OnePlus co-founder and European President Carl Pei has a completely different story to tell. Together with Pete Lau, he succeeded in establishing the OnePlus smartphone brand worldwide within a very short time. But bye He left the company in October 2020 To establish the company “Nothing” shortly. The company is also enjoying a good star thanks to the strong support of iPod inventor Tony Fadel, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lynn and Reddit CEO Steve Hoffman.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei acquired the trademark rights

How now 9to5Google According to reports, Carl Pei has acquired the trademark rights to Essential. It is currently unclear if this also includes the company’s patents. The information comes from the registration with the British Underwriting (Intellectual Property Office). This process was completed on January 6, 2021, but started on November 11, 2020.

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Andy Robin recently got that via Twitter Project jewel Advertise. First concept smartphones appeared with an unusual form factor, much like a remote control. It’s very likely that former OnePlus founder Carl Pei has completely revived the project under the heading “Nothing.” Known information on the young company indicated that the broader focus should be on smart home technology and integration. Your first project should be wireless headphones. We are definitely curious.

The core gem of the project

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