One dead, six wounded in shooting among refugees near Subotica

One dead, six wounded in shooting among refugees near Subotica

A refugee was killed and at least six others, including a girl, were injured on Saturday in Serbia near Hungarian border In a shootout between groups of refugees, Serbian public radio and television reported. The 16-year-old suffered serious injuries in the shooting, which took place in a forest near Subotica, about 160 kilometers north of Belgrade, where the wounded were taken to hospital, according to TRS.

Police blocked access to the forest where the shooting took place, one kilometer from the Hungarian border. Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin visited the place. Subotica Mayor Stefan Bakić told the media that the injured, aged between 20 and 30, did not have identification papers. It was impossible to know the reason for this shooting.

The road to the European Union

According to media reports, the shooting pitted Afghan and Pakistani refugees against each other, most likely due to smugglers smuggling illegal immigrants across the border into Hungary, a member state of the Republic of Hungary. European Union.

Serbia in Balkan Road It is used by immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa seeking to reach Western Europe. Although this route is less crowded than during the migrant crisis in 2015, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pass through the area each year.

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