On Twitch, an influencer makes a living by filming herself living and sleeping

On Twitch, an influencer makes a living by filming herself living and sleeping

The trend of content creators filming themselves sleeping has been driven by marathons to gain followers and money.


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Sherine, a 25-year-old French-speaking Spanish woman, sleeps and lives on Twitch.  During that "Sub-marathon"His subscribers register his counter (bottom right) while they are there.  (Screenshot/Sherinberry Twitch)

On Saturday, February 24, it was 53 days since Shirin, a 25-year-old content creator, began live streaming 24 hours a day on Twitch. At the end of December, the French-speaking Spaniard with 61,000 followers embarked on a “subrace,” the equivalent of a live video marathon on Twitch, which can last from a few hours to several weeks.

Since the end of December, Sherine has lived day and night in front of her camera, almost without interruption. She didn't expect it to last this long. Because this is the principle of “Subathon”: the duration is initially set by the channel owner, but can be extended as users subscribe, with each subscription adding three minutes to the timer and bringing money to the videographer. Sherine left to live for five hours, and she has been spending her days for about two months, And its nightsIn front of his camera.

“It's a bit weird falling asleep in front of the camera.” Sherine admits. In order to be as comfortable as possible, the videographer puts himself under certain conditions before going to sleep: “I leave some lights dim so people can recognize me, and I also pay attention to the pajamas I wear.”. The streamer also adds a blur filter to his camera in order to maintain a little privacy, plays some music and mutes the microphone, “I don't want to start snoring on live TV!” She's kidding. But for Sherine Al “I need a lot of silence to sleep”Music, computer noise, and residual lights easily wake her up. But the young woman confirms that this is not the case “I'm not very shy in front of the camera.”Even before sleep.

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“I'm just sleeping”

Video clips are collected of broadcasters falling asleep in front of their cameras In the category “I'm just sleeping” In very English Twitch, “I'm just sleeping” in French. This category has developed in recent years in coordination with “Subathons”, which are long-running live shows. According to Twitchtracker statisticsIn February 2024, nearly 7,000 viewers watched channels in the “I'm Only Sleeping” category.

Shirin's quiet nights attract an average of 50 to 70 spectators, compared to 300 spectators at a time during the day. “It's special, Sherine came forward Because at night when I sleep there is no interaction between me and them.” But the spectators exchange with each other in chat, “People who suffer from insomnia, for example.”“, says the content creator. For her sake, “It's good to share the nightly broadcast.”Because she feels “closer to [sa] Community”.

“Normally, when you create content on Twitch, it works, but this time it's more intimate.”

Sherine, a content creator on the Twitch platform

In France Info

The videographer is usually only live between 4pm and 8pm, and during her “Septun,” she is online 24 hours a day, allowing her to discover her viewers’ habits in a new light. “Spectators who wake up early, and spectators who say nothing or gossip“Sherine describes.We call each other by our first names, and finally by our nicknames.” She's excited. “It really brought me closer to my community.”The young woman confirms.

Sherine does not only sleep in front of her viewers, but she lives her whole life. “I take them with me when I go to the gym,describe,When I'm shopping, when I'm with my mother, and even when I'm cleaning.”. “All you have to do is be prepared to carry a tripod and your phone wherever you go.”, points to the young woman. After three years of being on Twitch, she was able to free herself “Very decent salary, although variable, equivalent to minimum wage.”. Sherine still has at least 100 hours, or more than four days, to honor her subscribers, according to her counter. The young woman is preparing to spend more nights in front of her camera, because her “sopathon” is not over yet.

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