On Telegram, half of the contents of the Holocaust "disguise or falsify the facts," according to a study

On Telegram, half of the contents of the Holocaust “disguise or falsify the facts,” according to a study

The UNESCO report notes that Holocaust denial and falsification are “prevalent in Telegram”. The social network is known for its low content moderation.

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Disturbing result. Holocaust denial and forgery It is widely available on Telegram., warns a UNESCO report published Wednesday, July 13 in partnership with the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Almost half (49%) of public content is on this topic “deny or falsify the facts”The report confirms.

“These publications, which are easily accessible to anyone seeking information about the Holocaust, are often overtly anti-Semitic”laments UNESCO after studying 4,000 messages about the Holocaust that were published on five major platforms, including Telegram, “notorious for its lack of moderation and clear recommendations to its users”.

The proportion exceeds 80% for messages in German on Telegram, and reaches nearly 50% for messages in English and French, continues the UN agency, whose report was produced thanks to the work of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Denial and fraud are also present on other networks, but to a lesser extent, as they are moderate: about 19% of Holocaust-related content on Twitter deny the Holocaust, compared to 17% on TikTok, 8% on Facebook and 3% on Instagram, UNESCO confirms.

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