Omega ClearSpace

On a mission to clean up space

The watch brand behind the first near-moon watch is preparing to return to space, but this time it will take part in a unique cleansing mission of paramount importance.

Indeed, Omega is preparing to write a new chapter in its fascinating history that began in 1965, when the Speedmaster received the exclusive approval granted by NASA to accompany all manned space missions.

As of this year, the Biel-based home is teaming up with start-up ClearSpace to participate in the first shift and first ejection from orbit, a controlled, atmospheric entry of a roving satellite element: it’s a launching pad for many other long-term projects. The stated ambition is to pave the way for new affordable orbit cleaning services.

Today, thousands of satellites orbit the Earth. Most of these machines did not accomplish their mission, scattered and turned into wreckage. These uncontrolled projectiles pose a risk of exploding or even colliding with other satellites.

humanity’s next great challenge (which has” I wear » Pollution everything) It would be to keep the place clean and thus ensure a sustainable future.

With its existing partnerships and support for ClearSpace, the Swiss watchmaker wants to reaffirm its commitment to creating a sustainable future. The scope of his actions extends from the bottom of the sea and the surface of the planet to the most remote corners of space.

ClearSpace SA develops technologies to capture and remove unused satellites and space debris that threaten space operations. It provides in-orbit services and provides institutions and commercial operators with the long-term sustainability of spaceflight. In 2020, ClearSpace signed a service contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) for 86 million euros to pilot the first space debris removal mission in 2025.

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