Omicron variant, G7: 'Very fast moving, urgent action required' - foreign

Omicron variant, G7: ‘Very fast moving, urgent action required’ – foreign

Rome, November 29, 2021 – There is an alarm bell for varante Omicron From SarsCov2 around the world. Countries st 7 They prepare: “It highly contagious: serve Urgent Actions“Health Ministers meeting today at an extraordinary summit, cautioned. Ministers commended South Africa’s exemplary work both in identifying the variable and in warning others,” reads the final joint statement. For Roberto Speranza, “The identification of Omicron in the southern region of Africa underscores the urgent need for more efforts to vaccinate the populations of the most vulnerable countries, and the coordinating role of the United Nations and the World Health Organization will be needed.” Meanwhile, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, is organizing the 27th meeting by video link.

European Union, more than 30 cases

ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) this morning when they ran 33 cases were diagnosed in 8 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal). In addition to these, the first patient reported in Spain. All confirmed cases have a history of travel to African countries, with flights to other destinations between Africa and Europe. These are asymptomatic or moderate patients. outside the European Union The countries that reported positive people in the new variant were Australia, Botswana, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa and the United Kingdom.”

United States, it’s an ‘advanced alert’

White House Epidemic Advisor Anthony Fauci He explained that the United States “in Advanced state of alertSpeaking to ABC, the well-known virologist warned of the dangers of the fifth wave of covid 19, again inviting Americans to get vaccinated is subject to Re-Call Without waiting for a specific vaccine to be developed against the Omicron variant, “which – he said – we probably don’t even need.” A new call for vaccination also comes from the president Joe Biden, who in a public intervention, accompanied by Fauci himself, applauded the “transparency” with which South Africa immediately voiced the alternative, allowing new travel restrictions to “give us time for further action”. Biden said the alternative to Covid Omicron was “a cause for concern, not panic.” Fauci added that there are concerns about mutations in the omicron, which are in a “very wide range”. A very unusual fact.

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while the Canada Confirms the first cases Japan is closed to foreigners Borders opened (for work and study reasons only) just three weeks ago. In total they 44 countries have imposed restrictions Temporary flights to and from South Africa In an effort to reduce injuries associated with the new variant. These include Italy, other member states of the European Union, Great Britain, Hong Kong and New Zealand, as well as Rwanda and Morocco.

Covid in Italy: data and injuries November 29

WHO: ‘Extremely high risk of spread’

The potential for omicron to spread globally is high, the WHO notes, in a fact sheet sent to 194 member states. to meWho is the, And therefore, “There may be hikes in the future for Covid-19, which can have severe consequences, depending on a number of factors, including where such mutations can occur. Although “no deaths have been reported so far” from this virus mutation.

The World Health Organization insists on accelerating vaccination coverage “as quickly as possible”, especially among high-risk groups. As for border closures, it calls for “the use of a risk-based approach to adapt international travel measures in a timely manner”.

United Kingdom: 11 cases

The third dose for everyone after three months.

There are 11 confirmed cases in the UK (5 in England and 6 in Scotland) of people with the Covid variant known as Omicron. This was stated by the British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, referring to the House of Commons. “We expect an increase in cases in the coming days,” he stressed.

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According to Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney, the six were infected in Scotland They have not contacted people who have traveled to Africa,” referring to the presence of a sign The degree of community transmission He stressed to the BBC that this particular strain of the virus in the absence of a direct link to travel to the southern African region for some of these cases, adding that “this naturally poses additional challenges for us in terms of stopping its spread.”

Omicron also in Austria

The alternative also came Austria, specifically in Tirol. To provide official confirmation, the day after the case is assumed, the Austrian Ministry of Health. According to Elmar Rizzoli, head of the Covid-19 task force in Tirol, all people who had contact with the subject were immediately isolated.

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