Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: French women surrender to New Zealand women (26-12) but get paid

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: French women surrender to New Zealand women (26-12) but get paid

The match started with fanfare for New Zealand with a first attempt by Michaela Blade after a massive penetration and cross pass at the end of the race one minute later. After the redemption ball, Caroline Drouin gave hope to the French by crossing the entire field, two minutes into the New Zealand scoring opening. Then the turning point came right after New Zealand’s second attempt. Upon dismissal, Séraphine Okemba received a penalty kick to keep the ball grounded, giving the Black Ferns the opportunity to score their third attempt a few seconds before halftime.

The French were completely denied the ball in the first term, reacting straightforward thanks to Ciofani’s realization after a good sequence of play in the New Zealand camp. But, due to extreme indiscipline, the French finally managed to break through less than three minutes from the end, in a last-ditch effort for the Black Ferns.

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End to end deprived ball

Team France scored two attempts on its main property. The New Zealanders’ cunning and strategy made the difference at the end of the first half, especially in the 2016 finalists’ third achievement, where the difference was surely made. But the frustration is there, the French waived many penalties and committed many fouls in the match to cast doubt on his Woodman teammates. On the contrary, the new Olympic champions were able to manage their possessions and exhaust the French defense.

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The Blues were aiming for at least one medal, five years after a disappointing sixth-place finish at the Rio Games. If his colleagues were clearly aiming for the most beautiful minerals, this second place comes to embody several years of preparation for that wonderful deadline in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Blues, who had to run into a qualifying tournament in Monaco, did not waver in the principality and would ultimately not be able to express themselves at their fair value during this final.

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Tokyo 2020

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