Olympic Games: New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Mexico

Olympic Games: New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Mexico

Bologna, Saturday 26 June 2021 Days pass by, and the Tokyo Olympics are getting closer: July 23 begins, ends August 8. Thus, the number of federations formalizing their representatives assigned to the competition of the five districts is increasing more and more. The most recent in showjumping are New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway (singles only), Belgium and Mexico. So let’s see the names of each.

new Zeland – Bruce Godin Sue Danny V, Daniel Meek Sue Seneca, Sharon Wordley Sue Verdini Dehotfield.

Switzerland – Below is a long list, the final composition of the team will be announced on July 5. Brian Balsiger on Clouzot de Lassus or Twentytwo des Biches, Elian Baumann on Campari Z, Martin Fuchs on Clooney or Leone Jei, Steve Guerdat on Venard de Cerisy or Victorio des Frotards, Alain Jufer on Dante MM, Beat Maendli on Dsari, Edwin Smits on Varizo, Niklaus Schurtenberger on Si Stefra.

Norway – Norway does not qualify as a team, but has given three names to choose their individual representative from. Marie Valdar Longem on Echo de Virton, Victoria Gulliksen on Papa Roach, Geir Gulliksen on Quatro.

Belgium – Gregory Wathelet in Nevados, Jerome Gehry in Quel Homme de Hus, Nils Bruinsels on Delux van T&L. La riserva sarà Yves Vanderhasselt con Jeunesse.

Mexico – Four names, who will be the reserve will be decided: Enrique Gonzalez in Chacna, Eugenio Garza on Armani SL Z, Manuel Gonzalez on Hortensia van de Leeuerke, Patricio Pasquale in Babel.

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For Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain:

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