OLIVIER FRANC QUINTET Espace Montission, September 19, 2021, Saint-Jean-le-Blanc.

French olive quintet
Espace Montission, Sunday 19 September at 5:00 pm.
Show by Olivier Franck (soprano sax), Jean-Baptiste Franck (piano), Benoit de Flamesnil (trombone), Gilles Chevouchere (bass), Thomas Racine (drums) with Olivier Franck, Sidney Bechet fans will be blown away! The sound is there, the vibration is there, and even the Sydney machine is there! Yes ! Yes ! Olivier is admired by the musicians themselves, such as Wynton Marsalis, who invited him to play with him in New York. Prix ​​du Hot Club de France en 1997, les louanges pleuvent pour un musicien qui sait aussi affirmer sa personnalité: “toujours inspiré… énergie passionnée… soprano à la sonorité volumineuse et chaleureuse… conviction admirable… il embouche maître le fa it soprano” like before ! Comes with an ‘All Stars’ type orchestra where we can check that cats don’t make dogs!
Information and ticket office: Du Blues O’ Swing
Festival du Blues or Swing

Espace Montción 150 rue Jacques Duviage Saint-Jean-le-Blanc-Loire

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