“Oh! I already booked, you should have told me, I knew a more reliable address”: Wonderful Vacations

“Oh! I already booked, you should have told me, I knew a more reliable address”: Wonderful Vacations

“Petra, what is unbelievable is the surprise when you arrive!” Holiday spoilers create expectations that can only be disappointed when you set foot in the Jordanian city. Often the same people make us understand that even if we go there tomorrow, it will already be too late. It’s not that they haven’t gone there, it’s that they aren’t there anymore! (“Patmos, I’ve done a lot, but I’m not going there anymore …”, “There are a lot of people on the beaches and you eat fat”, “Prague, you had to go there in 1995, and now it’s Disneyland”). They plant the charge that you are part of a project to destroy (“In Iceland, there are so many Airbnb companies that locals can no longer find accommodation”). If they, like us, were called to the south under shuffle, they would never hesitate to shoot: “We were really inspired to buy in Normandy, when we hadn’t yet talked about global warming.” All of our defeats mark one of their newest victories.

Our destination was great when they were headed there. Now she had been. Anyway, we are not yet left that these spoilers have already made us understand that we will not be there in time (“It’s a shame, you won’t be there during high tide”, “You should go there for the Easter processions, it’s great”And the “Argentina is pleasant in January”, “In April, the tulips could have bloomed”not in the right place“Ah! I rented there, you must be on the other side of the bay, otherwise you will have all the jellyfish ”,“ Ah! It’s a shame, on this side of the mountain you will be in the shade all morning ”,“ Ah! I have already booked , you should have told me, I knew a more reliable address “,” You would have asked me…”). No matter where we go, when they were there, there was a cowboy, the weather was better and they immediately found a parking spot.

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Holiday spoiler does not support other people’s travel trips. The person who returns from Ulaanbaatar in September and narrates the rest of his trip to Mongolia is cut short: Mongolia is a winter country. »

We had not yet left when, a week before departure, they made a list of what we would miss, because, unfortunately, it had to be booked three months in advance.

It’s as if the places we’re about to discover have had a bit of theirs. They mark their area (“I hope you like it as much as we do”), find out the nicknames of the local guides (“Above all, you ask Papillon,” “He is a mentor … Well, we became friends”). They explain the location of the quicksand and the currents before we even get close to the beach. They open our eyes before we have time to look (“At the top of the church tower you will see… the fish.”). We haven’t left yet when, a week before departure, they make a list of what we’ll miss, because, unfortunately, it requires reservations three months in advance (“It’s unusual, but you have to do it very early, there…”). If they accompany us, everything would be better ” The last time “. Are we staying in the hostel? They recount their night in a four-star hotel in the same city. “What a pity, our little hunting restaurant is closed. » Failed again for us.

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