Compenser ses émissions carbones en un clic sur ATN

Offset your carbon emissions with one click on ATN

Tahiti, June 3, 2021 – In order to reduce carbon emissions, Air Tahiti Nui signed a partnership in December 2020 with kiwi startup CarbonClick. The platform allows Taj customers to calculate their flight emissions and purchase a “compensation credit”, if they wish.

Renewing indigenous forests in New Zealand, developing solar water heaters in India, and a biogas project in China: Supporting these initiatives to store carbon or reduce fossil fuel use is now possible from Tahiti and behind its screen. Air Tahiti Nui partnered with a New Zealand startup, CarbonClick, in December 2020. In its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rationale, which aims to raise awareness of global warming, the partnership allows ATN customers, once they have booked their flight, access to “Calculate their trip’s carbon footprint and choose to offset the impact of their trip” via CarbonClick siteAnd the Refers to the airline. More specifically, travelers will be able to purchase on this platform A carbon offset credit that will support tangible environmental projects, helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In the same dynamic as its competitor Air France and its latest generation of its lighter aircraft, Tiara has also been pursuing a policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions) since 2015. This has already enabled it to achieve “A significant -17% reduction in our CO2 emissions in 2019, thanks to the combined effect of our new fleet of more efficient appliances and an internal work programme” According to its CEO, Michele Monvoisin. “Recognizing our mission to contribute from now on to the revival of the country, our ambition is to move forward in this direction and develop this carbon offset program, as a second step, in order to eventually integrate environmental projects. It is located in Polynesia, so in order to further enhance local mobilization Thus continuing to support the many local initiatives aimed at preserving the destination of Polynesia.”

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